2 hidden ways to discover a cheater

Discover a Cheater

Living in Toronto, I'm fully familiar with a big city dating scene. There are countless beautiful women out there, all of them potentially great girlfriends. However, all of them are potentially big cheaters as well. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way. From my relationship experience, there are a few ways to discover a cheater. It's a grey field, of course, and not all methods work across the board. However, cheaters all tend to carry certain similar tendencies. If you're witty enough, you can catch them in the act and put yourself in the position where you can move onto a better place in life. Here's how to discover a cheater.

Get Your Detective's Cap — Time to Find Out If They Are Cheating

You must first know that, when it comes time to find out if they are cheating, you have a long and winding road ahead of you. In addition to all of your regular responsibilities, you now have the side job of finding out whether or not your girl is sleeping with another man. It won't be easy, and it certainly won't happen over night. However, if you stay vigilant enough and keep your eyes and ears peeled, eventually you can put this entire issue behind you. For now, though, it's time to get to work.

Two Hidden Ways to Find Out

As I've mentioned, the ways to go about discovering a cheater will normally vary depending on the cheater in question. The field of cheating investigation is vast in its depth, ranging from basic tools for beginners to elaborate tricks for masters. Examples of beginner tricks include following your partner after work, when she apparently said she is working late. While that is a classic technique that can produce effective results, there are more subtle ways to uncover an affair. I am a bit of a master at discovering cheaters, if I do say so myself. As a gift, I'll share with you two of my expert-level cheating discovery tricks.

Become an Internet Mastermind

In learning how to discover cheaters, I've grown accustomed to the language of the internet. In this day and age, a significant portion of cheaters carry out their dirty work (or the preparation for their dirty work) online. Sure, there are surface methods through which users can cover their browsing history, however there are also virtual tools that go far beyond surface browser settings. Suffice it to say that, if you look deeply enough into the web, you'll find ways to discover what virtual places she visited despite any of her privacy settings. I won't say anymore on that — the rest is up to you.

Use Cheating Psychology to Your Advantage

The first hidden trick was virtual; this one is psychological. As abstract as virtual language is, human psychology is an even shadier area. However, if you obtain a decent understanding on human behavior, you can decipher whether or not your woman is cheating through conversation, without asking her outright if she's been unfaithful to you. Research basic human psychology first, then learn about the psychology of cheaters. This is a whole new field of knowledge, waiting for you to dive into it. Become a master of psychology, and no woman will ever be able to cheat on you behind your back again.