3 tech clues that give away cheating

Look Out for the Cheating Tech Clues

People of Toronto worried that their partner is cheating, hear me out. I've been cheated on before, and I'll be the first to tell you that it is not a pretty situation, not one bit. What people don't get is that the hardest part of being cheated on isn't actually catching the person in the act — it's spending days, weeks, months, maybe years in the dark place of wondering whether or not a loved one is betraying your bond. That might be the position that you're in now, and you have my empathy. It's a really grim position to be in, but trust me when I say that you'll be out of it sooner than you think. The most important thing to do right now is confirm if your partner is actually cheating. No more room for paranoia in this equation, it's time to take action. Thankfully, living in this day and age, it's much easier for people to pick up on their partner's suspicious activity. Of course, I'm referring to the cheating tech clues that are left behind by people on the internet.

Cheating Technology Gives Cheaters Endless Options

There is a vast field of cheating technology available to anyone with an internet connection looking to have an affair. With such endless options, it can be hard to know where to look first. Thankfully, you have a few tricks at your disposal that you can use to navigate the world wide web in order to sniff out any cheating clues within.

See if They're Using Online Cheating Platforms

One of the first things you should know here is that there are various pockets of the internet dedicated to providing a forum for cheaters to meet other cheaters living nearby who want to have sex. As sad as it is to say, these websites exist in vast numbers, providing links between cheaters every hour of every day. Right now, your partner might even be on a cheating website, looking to hook up with someone else!

Keep an Eye Out for Deleted Browser History

I won't go into them here, but there are plenty of tools online that can help get you access to your partner's deleted browser history. My advice is to get your hands on one of these tools as soon as possible, and see what your partner has been deleting from their search engine. Chances are, if they are actually cheating, they will leave some sort of trail for you to dig through in the virtual hallways of the internet, and that might be all the confirmation you need when determining if your partner is cheating on you.

Did They Buy a New Cheating Phone?

Now, a case like this doesn't come up very often. However, when it does, and when you actually discover it, you almost have guaranteed proof that your partner is cheating on you. Either that, or they're some sort of drug dealer, but it probably means they're cheating. I'm of course talking about the sudden discovery of a new cheating phone. Some truly dedicated cheaters go as far as to purchase a separate phone on a private line in order to carry out all of their cheating activity. They won't readily leave this object out in the open, but if you manage to stumble upon it, you can dig through the various texts and visited websites in order to determine whether or not your partner is cheating.